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Skidoo PRS chassis Formula Mach seat cover new 85-93 Custom colors MADE IN USA

Skidoo PRS chassis Formula Mach seat cover new 85-93 Custom colors MADE IN USA
Skidoo PRS chassis Formula Mach seat cover new 85-93 Custom colors MADE IN USA
Skidoo PRS chassis Formula Mach seat cover new 85-93 Custom colors MADE IN USA

Skidoo PRS chassis Formula Mach seat cover new 85-93 Custom colors MADE IN USA    Skidoo PRS chassis Formula Mach seat cover new 85-93 Custom colors MADE IN USA

This is one of our New custom aftermarket seat covers for Skidoo PRS chassis 85-93. This is for the Formula and Mach models that had the one piece seat tank combo that had the tank attached(as shown in pic) and uses the front hold down strap.

Fits most of the Formula Plus and Mach series. Does not fit the style that the tank was separate from the seat.

Please note there are few variations of the PRS chassis style seat in 85-93. We may require some pictures to assist you. This style has the mesh canvas on the recoil side and does not have the cutout in front center for the style that had the center tank filler.

Subzero cold crack marine grade vinyl. Please note, seat cover was not completely installed in pic due to the base being damaged, and final install will look smoother.

Non slip top like the Skidoo "sticky seat". Standard smooth is also available. Multiple colors available so you can customize your seat.

Seat covers are made to order. We do not stock covers as the customer can order any color combination they want. After Labor Day we experience extremely high order volumes, so please plan ahead when placing your order. We do not place any orders ahead of another customer.

We MUST be notified about any quality issues of the seat cover we made you within 7 days of receipt. You expect us to make the seat cover in a week, we expect you to notify us of any issues within a week. Please dont wait several weeks or months to try putting your seat cover on. If we make a mistake, we will fix the seat cover or send you a replacement. If you make a mistake, you now have a spare. We pride ourselves in customer service; we take very good care of our customers, as you can see from our feedback. However, we do have to set some limitations. Under no circumstances will warrant any seat cover that has been stapled on. Please dry fit your seat cover for fitment first.

We are not a retail store, we are a service provider. We do not stock seat covers, they are made to your order(s). Think of us more like a contractor you hired to build you a new patio. They dont stock patios, they build it to your order. We cannot list everything we do not cover in our policy, as customers always seem to come up with something new and bizarre.

We only warrant the seat cover to fit the models listed in the description, to be free of defect. Everything else, we dont cover. We do not warrant this to be exact OEM colors and material. If you need OEM, you must order from your OEM dealer.

They will be treated as abandoned. As of January 1, 2012, we do not offer swapping out for the correct model if you ordered the wrong one. We have other customers and dealers who also need seat covers that are on the build list. We are very busy year round, so please be diligent about what you order the first time.

If in doubt, please ask and we will be more than happy to help you. We cannot guarantee fitment for models made outside the USA. 99% of the time, there is not an issue. There are very few occasions the models made for other countries, will have different seats than what we have here in the USA. Limited edition, sno-check(early order), etc. Models we may know nothing about.

If you experience this, we may require you to send in your stock seat cover to make a new one for you. Model fitment: We make every attempt to list all the models we know our pattern to fit. If it is not on the list, we cannot guarantee fitment. If all you have is a VIN, please contact your dealer to have them trace that and tell you what exact year and model it is. Seats vary drastically year to year.

Snowmobiles over 10 years old, may not have OEM support any more, and parts numbers are hard to cross reference. We make every effort to research what models our patterns fit. Our data is only as good as the database(s) and our experience is. We often find odd models, limited editions, sno check, etc that are not in the database. Not all models on our database cover models made for countries outside the USA.

Most of the time its not an issue, but we do see instances where international snowmobile seats are different than what we have in the USA. It also does not cover the build your own sled promotions that manufacturers had/have. Many older sleds, people have swapped seats out from other models or years.

With over 30 years of experience with snowmobiling and snowmobile related business(es), we have a vast knowledge of snowmobiles, but are far from omniscient. Most optional 2up seats for single rider sleds are NOT in the database and can be very difficult to validate. Those seats will not be in the database as the numbers have been superseded with the new part number. Most sleds over 10 years old, are now being dropped from OEM part support by many of the manufacturers. We accumulate data over the years of research and experience. Unless specified with special instructions, most seat covers are installed by removing your stock seat cover and installing the new one using a staple gun. For most Arctic Cats, you will need to use the existing lumbar seam rod(metal rod that goes in the lumbar seam where the straps are attached to the seat) and the U shaped rod that holds the straps through the foam from your old seat. You can also use a hair dryer carefully on low heat.

Some seat covers or seat mod kits may require the use of 3M 90 Spray(Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Joannes Fabric, and other hardware stores) adhesive to assist in the installation. We will usually notate in the listing any special instructions needed if applicable.

NOTE SPECIAL INSTALL TIPS BELOW. Most seats do not come with tail light holes cut out. Because these patterns may fit multiple models that had a tail light mounted on the tunnel, we do not cut them out and leave that for you to complete. This is the case with most Arctic Cat, Polaris and Yamaha seats.

Most Skidoo seats have a recessed tail light pocket and that is included as part of the pattern. Please feel free to ask any questions we will help out where we can. We are constantly working on adding new models to our line up. If you do not see what you need, please ask and we will assist you. Please do not use a knife to open the box when you receive the cover, to avoid damage to the vinyl.

We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as "gifts" - US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior. Special Installation TIPS: Follow these tips to make your install easier. Square up the seat cover and hook the lumbar strap in first to the trunk section. Use some 3M spray adhesive(90, 77, 88) to lightly tack down the middle seating section pulling forward and smoothing down one pleated section at a time. This will make it easier to install instead of trying to muscle the whole cover on. The front of the cover gets mounted with a strap, as you will see when you remove yours. That will be your final installation. Pull and staple side to side and back corners. A fabric steamer or hair dryer will help smooth out wrinkles in the final install. The item "Skidoo PRS chassis Formula Mach seat cover new 85-93 Custom colors MADE IN USA" is in sale since Friday, November 12, 2010. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Snowmobile Parts\Seats". The seller is "scottysledshed" and is located in Muskegon, Michigan. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  1. Manufacturer Part Number: 3522
  2. Warranty: No
  3. Brand: Scottys Sled Shed LLC
  4. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Skidoo PRS chassis Formula Mach seat cover new 85-93 Custom colors MADE IN USA    Skidoo PRS chassis Formula Mach seat cover new 85-93 Custom colors MADE IN USA